Author: HCycling

RAAM – The Race Begins

RAAMMap2Many of you have asked, what is RAAM? To give you a preview of what the racers will be facing, we will be posting information about this 3000 mile race over the next few weeks. RAAM begins in Oceanside, CA and finishes in Annapolis, MD. The race passes through 12 states, 88 counties and 350 communities. The climbing over the distance is about 170,000 vertical feet. Portions of the race go through the desert and climb to over 10,000 feet in the Rockies, so temperatures will range from 100+ to lets just saying freezing. In the past racers experienced riding in a snow storm, much like this year’s Giro d’ Italia. Stayed tuned for updates to these posts as we will take you from the start line through each of the 54 time stops to the Finish line. Our team is in full training mode with our base miles complete and the interval sessions have begun. We hope you follow our journey as we “Ride the White Line.” Next Post will be the Start through time stop #1, Lake Henshaw, CA. Continue