Memorable Rides – The Glass Elevator

This series will start in the middle, with probably the most memorable ride of the year. While participating in RAAM this past June, I had the pleasure of experiencing the Glass Elevator. Leaving Lake Henshaw proved to be one the most dramatic sections of road for a cyclist as you climb to over 4,200 feet, and then get a brief glimpse of where you are headed. As you ascend the summit of the mountain, it is much like anticipating a roller coaster cresting the initial ascent. The landscape dramatically turns to dessert and as you crest the peak you get a brief view of the desert floor. The descent immediately kicks in for a fast and technical nine mile descent that’s been nicknamed “The Glass Elevator.” drops over 3,000 feet in elevation. Despite a speedy descent reaching speeds of up to 50 mph, you can start to feel the heat of the desert. The descent has an excellent roll-out and you know that you are finished, when you roll into Christmas Circle in Borrego Springs.

AWAY - RAAM 2013