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Software Features

Welcome Race Organizers

Many organizations are stuck with manual systems that take too much time to compile accurate results. Chip systems are great but quite costly and can blow a cycling events budget very quickly. One of the unique advantages of the Race Day Software (RDS) system is the ability to score multiple races at the same time in different classes, which makes it perfect for time trials, mountain bike races and cyclocross. It is an easy to use application that requires very little training to be proficient in its use. It is easily customizable to adapt to multiple races if you sponsor more than one race or series.

RTS includes the following features that will help accelerate and improve your racing scoring experience and provide accurate and efficient results.


  • Ability to establish race times/distances and integrate with the registration data
  • Easy to set up individual racer start time in real time that easily is synchronized with each race class/category (Can handle up to 20 race categories)
  • Easy to align bib/plate numbers to registered riders
  • Easy to set up race classes/categories
  • Easily integrate BikeReg registrations


  • Ability to import information directly from BikeReg
  • Ability to process and check-in cyclists quick on the day of event

Real-Time Race Progress and Results

  • Races are tracked dynamically and synchronized to the computers time providing accurate lap and race times
  • Race screen allows progress of finishers to quickly allow generation of results based on podium finishers
  • Scoring is provided based in real-time and updated within seconds of each lap
  • Scoring provides actual lap times, which can be generated immediately with the race results
  • Race Reports can be generated quickly with finishing place, time, points, laps completed and more
  • Leader Board

Post Race

  • Quickly posted results within minutes of the race completion
  • Easy to read results sheets, immediately after the completion of the race
  • Easy adjustments if protest arises
  • No long waits for award ceremonies
  • Formatted to support easy export to BikeReg and USA Cycling

For a complete description of the software click this link; For more information about the software product, please contact HCycling at