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RaceDay Software

RaceDay Software (RDS) works on the following principle, (Real-time tracking and dynamic monitoring, which allows race results to be posted minutes after the race has been completed. It is easy to use and to customize on the fly. Sure it is not chip timing, but it is extremely cost effective for small race markets, who can’t afford to rent or buy a chip system. No more waiting 1-2 hours for results. The software can handle registration and racing events for up to 18 classes. Key features allow the user to track progress during the race and provide immediate posting of results, within minutes of the conclusion of a race. The software immediately identifies podium positions for quick protests “starts and closure” and awarding of prizes.

Race Day Software (RDS) was developed after years of struggling with manual scoring systems or trying to overcome the costs from expensive and often inaccurate chip systems. HCycling developed a software application which is an easy to use application that supports registration, timing and scoring of cycling events, such as time trials, cyclocross races, triathlons and mountain bike races. The application continues to evolve after 3 years in development. RDS comes at a very reasonable price as an alternative to a highly expensive chip system, which often proves to be an inefficient and expensive approach.  The intent of the software is to provide race organizers with a quick and efficient tool to that allows the race organizers to post race results immediately following completion of each event. It has been very frustrating as a racer to sit and wait over 1-2 hours waiting for manual results to be compiled.

Just last year, Team HCycling competed in a race, where it took close to 2.5 hours to post the results, verbally. Results were later posted after most of the racers left due to the inclement weather. Not a very enjoyable podium experience. On another occasion, the race happed to be held on a very cold and blustery day. It took over 5 days to post the final results due to a chip scoring error. Needless to say I left and missed the podium ceremony, Oops!! RDS typically has the results of each category available within 5 minutes of completing the event. This allows for a quick and efficient review of the results and helps close the protest process down very quickly and allows any protests to be resolved very quickly. The software can process and sort up to 18 different race categories at the same time. This can easily be expanded and customized based on race needs. RDS eliminates many of the headaches of manual systems in a very easy and friendly user interface. Other major benefit of RDS include; it allows race organizers to track simultaneous events at the same time in one program.

The main components of the software include:

A full set of features can be viewed by clicking on the stop watch

  • Simple registration process
  • Automatic import from BikeReg to RDS
  • Simple separation of racers into over 18 race classes
  • Simple pre-race setup
  • 18 categories of racers can be seamlessly tracked at the same time
  • Ability to track up to 20 laps
  • Race Leader feature – Know who is leading with every lap
  • Easy to track DNS, DNF’s
  • Error proofing by lap
  • Easy tracking of starters and finishers
  • Notification of podium positions for quick result output
  • Immediate results output
  • Report outputs are easy to read, post and modify if a protest arises
  • Easy to reuse for multiple races over time

If you are interested in more information or a demo related to RDS click the “Contact us” button and we will gladly provide you with more information and a demo that ultimately could help support your upcoming races and make scoring the race a more pleasant and efficient event.