Inspired by “The Col Collective, HCycling has taken on its own little adventure to take on some of the top climbs
in the U.S.. Climbing has never been my specialty, so I thought it was time to toughen up that aspect of cycling.
For more inspiration, click the link to visit the “The Col Collective” website and enjoy
their great videos on some of the most epic climbs in the world.
To date HCycling has ventured up:

  • Mt. Evans – “14,130 feet” – highest paved road in the US, 27. 9 Miles, 4.7% average gradient, 10% maximum gradient
  • Pikes Peak – “14,115 feet” – 19 Miles, 6.5% average gradient, 13% maximum gradient
  • Mt. Lemmon – 26 Miles of continuous Climbing
  • Mingus Mountain
  • Skyline Drive – “6,200 feet” 10,000 feet of climbing over 100+ miles, 4% average gradient, 12% maximum gradient
  • Mancos/Hesperus Hill Summit
  • Mt. Weather

You can read about the climbs in our blog. Enjoy and happy climbing.