Having being a Zwift Beta tester from day one of its launch, this was a platform that was going to revolutionize indoor training, and 3 years later it sure did. It continues to grow in functionality and rider/racer appeal; however, a few new products have popped up on the horizon. One in particular is Road Grand Tours, which is boasting better cycling physics and more detailed high screen resolution. Just to preview some of the early features, click this link. The realism of RGT is unprecedented, from the bikes, racers, route features. The enhanced Start/Finish Gates, Leaderboards and scenery are as brilliant as you have ever seen to date. This will be an excellent platform in the future, once they get training, racer options, bike options, racing events and group rides sorted out, but it is visually pleasing. My Zwift kit closet is pretty full, so I am looking forward to some new options within RGT here in the near future. I have to admit it took a little time to get used to the cycling physics, as the avatar has a built-in braking feature, that will cause you to stop pedaling, and slow down as you take the corner. In Zwift, you can bomb through a corner at 50+ mph, but I have never done that in real life, but it sure feels fun. So, kudos to RGT for adding that feature in.

They are currently accepting beta testers, so if you want to check out this new venue, give it a whirl you won’t be disappointed. Some of the features that I particularly like are the real re-creations of Passo Dello Stelvio, Mt. Ventoux, and Cap Formentor.  I recently returned from a trip to Italy and have to say that the re-creation of Pienza, in Tuscany, is spot on. They also have Canary Wharf and Tempelhof Airport, which will set up very nicely for future crits. I have not jumped into an event yet, but will test it out in the coming days. I suspect the crits will be blazing fast as both circuits are flat as pancakes. Zwift on the other hand has weather and day/night features, which is pretty cool. They have a way to go, but this will only strengthen the indoor cycling space as Zwift continues to break ground on many new and exciting features and it appears that Road Grand Tours is building from that early foundation. For now, Climb Every Mountain and Ride On!